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>My son has Cystic Fibrosis .  It is a common disease, and one of the
>most expensive in long-term treatment .  Please add this group .
>Someone responded to my request for info about adding groups, and said
>to post a message here first, then ALT.CONTROL .  I do not completely
>understand .  Please elaborate .  Thanks .

There is a 14 character limit on newsgroup components. Unfortunately
"cystic-fibrosis" is 15 characters, so you need to shorten it, perhaps

To create an alt group:

A proposal is discussed in alt.config. After the discussion is finished
(and there is general support) a newgroup message to create the group must
be sent out. You can: 1. Ask the news administrator at your site to do
this (he/she can be usually be reached by mailing to the address news
or usenet; if not mail to the technical support people at the site) or
2. Post a request in alt.config that someone newgroup the group (someone
will if the discussion has been positive about the proposal). 3. Figure
out how to do it yourself.

See the guide "So You Want to Create an Alt Newsgroup" posted every
14 days to alt.config, alt.answers, news.answers.  You can get a copy of
it on the World Wide Web at:


There is a mailing list:



     * Antony Dugdale (owner)


     The CYSTIC-L discussion group will focus on the holistic impact of
     cystic fibrosis. While much of the list will be devoted to
     discussions of new medical advances as well as possible therapeutic
     and nutritional treatments, the list should also have a less
     rigorous side to it. It will also be a forum for CF patients to vent
     about frustrating encounters with the medical-industrial complex, to
     discuss ways of countering bias that might exist in job or
     school-related ...



   To subscribe to a list, send an e-mail message to the listserv address
   with one line in the body of the letter:

   SUB listname yourname

   where listname is the name of the list, and yourname is your full
   name (e.g. sub SAS-L John Smith).


   To have your name removed from a listserv, send an e-mail message to
   the listserv address with one line in the body of the letter:

   SIGNOFF listname

   where listname is the name of the list (e.g. signoff SAS-L).


   If you have an article (comments, questions, etc.) that you wish to
   distribute to all members of a list, send it as e-mail to the list
   address for that list. Please note that the list address is different
   from the listserv address.


Sun, 21 Jun 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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