Hire to investigate a hospital death... 
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 Hire to investigate a hospital death...

I would like to investigate the death of my mother in a local hospital.
Yes, I received a brief note from the doctor one week after her death
explaining it was heart related.  Since that time, I have discovered (on
my own) from documentation and observations that 1) an unnecessary drug
(Elavil) was mistakenly given daily while she was in the hospital; 2) she
was discharged 12 hours after I reported to the nurses that my mother was
behaving strangely.  No malpractice is evident, yet I have a knawing
feeling that something wasn't done that might have prevented her death.  A
local attorney briefly reviewed my case and said there was no apparent
malpractice.  My question: Who can I hire to look over her hospital
records and give me an unbiased, educated opinion of what really happened?
 Another attorney?  A doctor at another hospital?  I need to understand
fully so I can finally ease my mind.  I have been agonizing for 21 months
now and feel the money would be well spent.  Please Email me or respond
Thank you.

Sat, 10 May 1997 15:10:05 GMT
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