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These are the best figures that I was able to find:
Serum TSH= .5-5 uU/ml
Serum T4= 8ug/dl         free T4=2 ug/dl
Serum T3= .12 ug/dl      free T3=.28 ug/dl

In a weak attempt at an explanation, TSH is the best means for detecting a
case of hypothyroidism.  A low level would indicate a secondary
hypothyroidism.  This is more rare and can have several causes.  This can
be the result of a problem in the link between the pituitary and the
hypothalamus.  In primary hyothyroidism, there is a very large value for
TSH.  This is much more common.  The problem here results from there
being a problem in the thyroid.  The signals from the pituitary (TSH) are
not being carried out by the pituitary.  Thyroid hormone is not being
released, so there is no feedback on the hypothalamus and pituitary to
turn off the production of TSH.  Thus the high levels.  Did this help?

Tue, 12 Oct 1993 09:47:14 GMT
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