Sources of raw CT and MRI images (3D imaging) 
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 Sources of raw CT and MRI images (3D imaging)

    I've recently developed an interest in 3D medical imaging
and would like to play around with CT and/or MRI images.  Is
there somewhere I could get a floppy with sample images?
I'm a software engineer, so I don't know alot about the scanners
and if they are if they are about to output to floppy.
I have read that some are able to dump the output to tape.
Also, does anyone have an idea what the data format is for these
types of images?
    I see some incredible applications for 3D imaging in medicine
and would like to hear any opinions from any folks out there.
Topics might include (but please don't limit due to my ignorance)
    electronic cadavers
    cranio{*filter*} abnormality study
    virtual exploration ("The fantastic voyage" type stuff)

    Any discussion would be greatly appreciated as my knowledge
base is currently limited while my craving for knowledge is
growing daily.


     Michael Barnett

Mon, 24 Oct 1994 06:42:23 GMT
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