Need articles re: anesthesia 
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 Need articles re: anesthesia

Does anyone have access to any of the following articles in
electronic form?  If not in electronic form, could anyone
provide a photocopy?  Or, could you suggest an appropriate
conference to ask for this information?

This is a request from a Cuban medical student who is writing her
thesis on the subject of Anesthesiology.  

1. "Meperidine as a Spinal Anesthetic Agent: A comparison with
Lidocaine-Glucose." possible authors: Sangarlangharns; Klaewtanong
V.; Jonglerttrakool P.; Khankaew, V. / Source: Anesth. Analg.: 1987
Mar: 66 (3): p 235-40.

2. "Spinal Anesthesia with Meperidine as the Sole Agent." possible
authors: Famewo C.E.; Naguib M.  Source: Can Anesth. Soc. J: 1985
Sep. 32 (5) : pp 553-7.

3. "Spinal Anesthesia with Pethidine in Young Patients." possible
authors: Velazquez-Rivera I.:  Garcia Escobar, M.: Ruhio Hernandez,
A.  Source: Rev. Esp. Anestesial. Reanim. 1986 Sep-Oct: 33 (5) p

4. "Comparison of Pethidine and Prolocaime for Spinal Anesthesia in
100 Urologic Operations." possible authors, Ragot P.; Tauzin-Fin,
P.; Cruzat, P.; Fonrouge, J.M.; Sabathie, M.; Source: Agressologie:
1984 Jan : 25 (1) pp 29-32.

Sun, 02 Jul 1995 19:44:00 GMT
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