Hospitals in San Diego, CA 
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 Hospitals in San Diego, CA

        Hello! I'd like to know the address of some hospitals with
        opthalmology service in San Diego area.
        If you can help me, please e-mail me. I'll be gratefull.

                        Thanks in advance,

                                        Rodolfo M. Gonzalez

Rodolfo Morales Gonzalez                Dept. Of Telematic Engineering
Phone #: +34-1-5496373                  E.T.S.I.Telecommunications
e-mail:                                 Polytechnic University of

                                        Madrid, SPAIN

Tue, 23 Apr 1996 22:09:55 GMT
 Hospitals in San Diego, CA
Re:  Hospital with Opthamology program in San Diego area:

University of California Medical Center
UCSD Eye Center, 0618
La Jolla, CA  92093
(619) 534-2238, or (619) 543-6222  
Michael W. Coon
American Association of International Med Grad's
Michael W. Coon & Associates, Medical Search Consultants
1 Edgewood Road, Suite 1, Bloomfield, New Jersey 07003 USA
Tel / Fax (201) 680-1708    

Fri, 26 Apr 1996 17:57:25 GMT
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