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 Message to Dr. Masys

Note 1: I have emailed this text to Dr. Daniel R. Masys on March 1st in

to a previous question posted my me.
But I haven't so far received any answer. So I'm posting now to the net in
the hope that he is listening it.
If anyone has any info related to this please be free to reply.

I suggest that answers to this letter be posted to this newsgroup because
the subject may be of interest to others.

Note 2: Interleukin-2 is a substance used on cancer treatments.

Dear Dr. Masys

I want to thank you for your reply on the Usenet to the question I made about
the treatments with Interleukin-2.
You mentioned at the end of your reply that you emailed me the list with the
places where the I-2 treatments were made. I haven't so far received it.
So, I would appreciate if you send it again.

I noticed that your organization is settled in Bethesda. I believe that the
I-2 treatments were developed at the National Institutes of Health at Bethesda.
I suppose this is more than a coincidence. So, I presume I'm talking with
someone who is close to the activities related with I-2.

As you might have guessed, my interest on this matter is not simple
In 1982 my mother was submitted to a {*filter*} quadrectomy ( I don't know if
the medical terms are correct in English, but I suppose you can recognize
them) due to a {*filter*} tumor. She took some series of cobalt treatments and
things were quite for awhile. Five years later it was diagnosed that the
cancer had spread to the liver and surrounding bones (right isquion). It
followed almost two years of chemotheraty. The cancer seemed to stabilize,
but the chemotherapy was quite devastating for my  mother : nauseas, vomits,
intense lack of appetite, dizziness had debilitated her in such a way that
she refused to receive more treatments. She would rather die than living
permanently on those conditions.
At the moment she is having 2 pills of Tamoxan ( 20 mg of Tamoxifen each pill)
by day. However my mother is getting worse again.

Sorry I bother you with my personal problems but the only alternative
treatment I know of is based on I-2.
In my country (Portugal) there are a couple of pilot experiences only
with a few months long, so they don't have any history on the subject.

I don't know if you could, perhaps comparing with similar cases, tell me
if a I-2  treatment would be of any help to my mother condition.
My mother has 55 years old.
Any comments and advices are, of course, welcome.

Thank you for your attention
Best regards
Mario Romao


Sun, 23 Aug 1992 23:02:08 GMT
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