AquaThought to show low-cost EEG device 
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 AquaThought to show low-cost EEG device

For Immediate Release
Contact: AquaThought

AquaThought To Demonstrate
{*filter*}Fin And MindSet At SIGGRAPH 94

AquaThought is preparing the first public demonstration of {*filter*}Fin,
our dolphin contact simulator, at SIGGRAPH 94 (in Orlando, FL July
24-29). We will be exhibiting {*filter*}Fin along with MindSet (our EEG
neuromapper) as examples of spin-off technologies from human-dolphin
interaction research. On display will be topographic evidence that
close contact with dolphins dramatically alters neurological states.
The theme of our exhibit will be human - dolphin interaction forming
a productive and symbiotic relationship... as demonstrated by
AquaThought's spin-offs. The call to action is for the attendee to open
his/her mind to the concept of a shared social space with dolphins.

{*filter*}Fin will offer SIGGRAPH attendees the opportunity to participate
in the intense sensory experience of close contact with dolphins.
Utilizing an immersion platform which was designed to remotely extend
the sensory modalities of its user into an underwater dolphin
environment,  {*filter*}Fin couples to visual, auditory, and nervous sensory
systems.  {*filter*}Fin will transport the point of perception of the
attendee into an underwater location populated with friendly and
inquisitive dolphins.

The MindSet demonstration will showcase man / machine neural
interfacing. Utilizing the neural event and gesture recognition
functions, in combination with the MIDIbot interface, attendees can
control a MIDI synthesizer and laser light show. Attendees will also
learn to recognize the appearance of various neurological events as
they are visualized on the topographic display. EEG data will be
collected throughout the show and complied into a QuickTime/AVI movie
entitled, "Minds on The Edge" and a before and after topographic still
compilation entitled, "This is your brain... This is your brain on
SIGGRAPH". Also on display will be several research projects which have
been made possible by MindSet, including AquaThought's own
human-dolphin interaction research.

Foundation Background
The AquaThought Foundation is a privately funded research organization
dedicated to the exploration of human-dolphin interaction. Since 1989,
AquaThought has studied the neurological impact of close contact with
dolphin on human subjects and the related healing phenomena. Our
research in neurological imaging has led to the development of MindSet,
a low-cost neuro-mapping electroencephalograph system which makes
advanced EEG research affordable. In conjunction with the Cancun
Convention Center, a new virtual reality theme park, we are developing
{*filter*}Fin, an immersive simulator which will bring virtual dolphin
contact to a massive audience.


Wed, 18 Dec 1996 00:15:14 GMT
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