Alopecia Areata 
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 Alopecia Areata

There was very little response to my initial call for help on this
subject ( 1 reply - thankyou ) perhaps someone else would like to
consider commenting.

Currently I have found cortisone injections do not work, MINOXIDIL, in
the form of REGAINE, is also practically useless. Development in the U.K
suggests that a new drug, DIAPENCYPRONE, has been discovered.(?)
I have reached a conclusion that there aren't many {*filter*} that are of any
use. What other alternatives are available, HOMEOPATHIC solutions perhaps
 or strict dietary measures?
Ultra Violet light treatment has also been suggested.

Is Alopecia Areata in any way allergy related?

As this disease appears to be a malfunction of the immune system, is
important to excersise regularly?

I would appreciate some constructive comment as I find it hard to believe
that there is no one who is an authority on the subject.


Sat, 11 Dec 1993 17:57:32 GMT
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