Info needed on HPV/Genital warts 
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 Info needed on HPV/Genital warts

[Sorry if this is a repost -- I'm not sure if it went out the first time.]
[this is being posted anonymously.  replies will be forwarded.]

My girlfriend has {*filter*} warts (human papillomavirus).  We have not had, and
do not intend to have, {*filter*}, but we are {*filter*}ly "active" -- we have
had {*filter*}sex and manual stimulation together.  (I am male.)

I have some information on this STD that came from some clinic someplace, but
it isn't all that helpful for answering the questions I have about this.  And
I know that the topic makes her uneasy, so I'd rather not have to ask her this
stuff.  So I'm turning to the Net for some answers.

My main question is this: what risk is there to me, if any, from her?  I know
that unprotected {*filter*} while the warts are active is a good way to get
infected, but that's not a problem since we don't do that.  But what is and
isn't safe?  Are {*filter*} warts infectious while they're not active?  Is there
any health risk involved in {*filter*}?  ...manual stimulation?  ...fluids
on skin and/or {*filter*}s?

Basically I'd like any and all information about the circumstances and
activities which could cause infection or other health problems.  And, of
course, I'd like to know about any "no no's" that could cause further problems
for her.


Thanks in advance!

Mon, 09 May 1994 09:31:26 GMT
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