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Psychology &                                          By: John M. Grohol
Support Groups Newsgroup Pointer                

This Pointer will help you find the information you need and get your
questions answered much quicker than if you were to simply crosspost to
every psychology or support newsgroup in existence. It is provided as
a public service. Post your article in the most appropriate newsgroup
according to its topic.

  * Not all sites carry all the below listed alt.* newsgroups.
  * If your site does not carry a particular alt newsgroup, please
  * contact your own News administrator and request that they
  * begin carrying that specific group.

  * Because of software posting limitations, this article may
  * appear more than once. My apologies for this inconvenience.

Comments & suggestions for additions are always welcome!

Question on...                               Post to...
-------------------------------------------  ----------------------------
Perception, memory, judgment & reasoning     sci.cognitive
Medicine & related products & regulations
Medical discussion of AIDS & HIV    (m)
Medical discussion of cancer       
Nutrition & diet                   
Dialog & news in psychiatry & psychobiology
Human vision, visual correction & science    
General psychology                           sci.psychology
Research issues in psychology                sci.psychology.research (m)
Digest of general issues in psychology       sci.psychology.digest (m)
General discussion of AIDS & HIV   
Diabetes, hypoglycaemia            
General children's issues          
Children's health issues           
Pregnancy & childbirth issues      
-------------------------------------------  ----------------------------
General help with psychological problems
Personality taxonomies/assessment/models     alt.psychology.personality
-------------------------------------------  ----------------------------
Recovering from all types of abuse           alt.abuse.recovery
Recovery for abuse offenders/perpetrators    alt.abuse.offender.recovery
Alternate models of dealing with abuse       alt.abuse.transcendence
General topics in recovery                   alt.recovery
Recovery and {*filter*}ics Anonymous            alt.recovery.aa
Recovery and Narcotics Anonymous   
Recovering from {*filter*} {*filter*}ions            alt.recovery.{*filter*}ion.{*filter*}
Codependency                                 alt.recovery.codependency
Recovering from the effects of religion      alt.recovery.religion
Recovery from Catholicism in specific        alt.recovery.catholicism
Recovering from {*filter*} abuse                 alt.{*filter*}.abuse.recovery
Moderated version:alt.{*filter*}.abuse.recovery  alt.abuse-recovery (m)
-------------------------------------------  ----------------------------
Partners of {*filter*} abuse survivors 
Anxiety and panic disorders        
Attention-deficit disorders        
Fat-acceptance with no dieting talk
Self-acceptance for fat people/no diet talk
Cerebral palsy                     
Crohn's/ulcerative colitis/irritable bowel
Depression & mood disorders        
Manic depression & bipolar disorders
Developmental delay                
Parents & family of children with diabetes
Dieting/losing weight/nutrition    
Persons w/ dissociative disorders (eg.-MPD)
Divorce/marital breakups           
Dystonia (abnormal muscle spasms)  
Eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, etc.)
Former cult members & family & friends
Issues of grief and loss           
Disorders of migraine and headache ailments
Learning disabilities (eg.-dyslexia, etc.)
Multiple sclerosis                 
Effects of second-hand smoke       
        Like above, but moderated (m)
Obesity                             (m)
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
For people with ostomies (surgical proc.)
For people with personality disorders
Post polio syndrome                
Individuals with prostatitis       
Issues of interest to short people 
        including dwarfism
Sleep disorders & problems sleeping
Help being a step-parent           
Stopping or quitting smoking       
Stuttering & other speaking difficulties
Issues of interest to tall people  
        including Marfan syndrome
Tinnitus/ringing ears/other head noises
Tourette's syndrome                
{*filter*}ed & intersexed persons {*filter*}ed
Gay youths helping each other (m)  {*filter*}-bi
All other support topics & questions
-------------------------------------------  --------------------------
For all interested or involved w/ adoption   alt.adoption
Adoption info/parenting issues     
Angst                                        alt.angst
Causes & treatment of infertility            alt.infertility
Self-improvement tips & techniques           alt.self-improve
People far from average height               alt.sigma2.height
General discussion of suicide & techniques
Suicide/depression around final exams        alt.suicide.finals
Causes & treatment of allergies    
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)      (m)
Fibromyalgia fibrosis              
-------------------------------------------  --------------------------
Mailing Lists that are Gatewayed to Usenet:
-------------------------------------------  --------------------------
Autism                                       bit.listserv.autism
Blindness                                    bit.listserv.blindnws (m)
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Newsletter (m)      bit.listserv.cfs.newsletter
Deafness                                     bit.listserv.deaf-l    
Downs Syndrome                               bit.listserv.down-syn  
Computer Access for Persons w/ Disabilities  bit.listserv.easi
Humanistic aspects of aging                  bit.listserv.humage-l  (m)
Industrial psychology                        bit.listserv.ioob-l
Handicap                                     bit.listserv.l-hcap  (m)
Psychology graduate students                 bit.listserv.psycgrad  
Exercise & sports psychology                 bit.listserv.sportpsy  
Traumatic brain injury (TBI)                 bit.listserv.tbi-support (m)
Transplant recipients                        bit.listserv.transplant  
(m) = Moderated newsgroup

   This Pointer is freely distributable to  any  other mailing list,
   newsgroup,  or  network  service provider  as  long as it remains
   fully intact. Copyright 1995 John M. Grohol. All rights reserved.

   Send comments/questions/suggestions regarding this Pointer to the
   author (replying to this message should work).   Do *not* include
   this Pointer in your reply, or it may not be read.
 John M. Grohol                     Co-moderator sci.psychology.research
                             Employment Editor, InterPsych Newsletter
                         Founder of over a dozen Usenet newsgroups

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