Genital Warts? 
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 Genital Warts?

Recently whilst shaving I noticed a nodule appearing in the
shaft of my {*filter*} which I thought at first to be just a
ingrown hair or a pimple of some sort.  Having removed it, the
node appeared again sometime later only bigger than before and now
it has developed a distict head.

The wart is rather fleshy and pink and does not have the crusty
appearance of a wart you might find on the rest of you body and no
pain can be felt when it is squeezed.

I really would not worry about it except for its appearence and
the fact theat it appears that other o these node have begun to
appear in my pubic region and on the upper shaft.

I have not have sex for around two months with anyone and when I
was with my girlfriend I always used a {*filter*}, could I still have
contracted them after a year with her?

any help please forward....

T   R   U   S   T              N    O              O   N   E

Tue, 21 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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