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 Kidney Stones

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B >  On the kidney stone problem.  I'd want a mineral profile run in a clinical
B >  chemistry lab.  Balance is much more important than the dietary intake of
B >  calcium.  I know that you use an electrical conductance technique to
B >  measure mineral balance in the body.  I know that you don't think that the
B >  serum levels for minerals are very useful(I agree).  If I can get a good
B >  nutritional assessment lab setup where I can actually measure the tissue
B >  reserve for minerals, I'd like to do a collaborative study with you to see
B >  how your technique compares with mine.
B >  
B >  Marty B.

 Sounds great; I hope you'll be successful in getting your research
 facilities all set up.

 Once you start your own studies, you'll discover that textbooks are
 far form being textbook-perfect, and you'll likely find many errors
 and flaws with mainstream indoctrination, which those people *NOT*
 doing their own research would never find out or be aware of.
 The same goes for evaluating a patient that had previously undergone
 treatments with conventional medicine, which not only failed to dia-
 gnose the condition, but used the *scientific* method to multiply the
 patient's problems.

 There is nothing more challenging than exploring and applying new
 techniques that surpass those of conventional medicine in speed and
 accuracy. It's also gratifying to be able to beat the Trial and Error
 approach, which has been the hallmark of modern, scientific medicine.

     Ron Roth

 *   If you had it all, where would you put it?
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