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Is there anyone out there that can give some insight into this rare disease?


> Please help by reading the text and respond to my email asap. thank you.

> jeffrey bryer

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> <HTML>
> Please help;

> <P>My nearest relative was diagnosed with a terminal disease call Diffuse
> Alveolar Septal Amyloidosis.&nbsp; He said that his Veteran's Adminstration
> Doctors think he has had this for three years now and was undiagnosed.&nbsp;
> Please tell me about this and where I can send him for help, respite or
> hospice.&nbsp; Any information would be greatly appreciated.&nbsp; Possible
> causes were:&nbsp; 1.&nbsp; Viet Nam-Agent Orange, Green or Blue&nbsp;
> 2.&nbsp; As a truck driver, hauling hazardous material&nbsp; 3.&nbsp; Growing
> up in a coal mining town in Alabama, USA.
> <BR>Please help me as I am desperate for answers.&nbsp; Thank you.

> <P>Yours truly,
> <BR>Jeffrey Bryer</HTML>

Thu, 30 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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