Hismanal v. Seldane--biochemical mechanism? 
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 Hismanal v. Seldane--biochemical mechanism?

I was wondering if anyone could explain the differences between
Seldane and Hism{*filter*}on a biochemical level.  Although I realize that
both operate on similar principles (are they both inhibitors?), I know
from personal experience that there is a difference between them, I
suspect it's between their specificity as inhibitors.  Specifically,
while I have no adverse reactions to Hism{*filter*}(although I do wish
they'd create a formula incorporating a decongestant!), Seldane causes
a reaction in me that's similar to that produced by theophylline or,
more quickly, by an injection of epinephrine.  My own hypothesis is
that Seldane suffers from some specificity problems such that it may
mistakently inhibit phosphodiespherase, as theophylline is made to do.
(Perhaps this occurs mostly in people who have taken theophylline and
are more sensitive to inhibitors?)

Anyway, thanks in advance for any information you may be able to share
about the two {*filter*}. Also, I willingly concede that my "hypothesis"
may be total bunk; it was just the only explanation I could come up
with that made sense.  Thanks again.

Feel free to reply by e-mail or follow-up posting.

Renee Cyr

Sun, 22 Oct 1995 06:06:49 GMT
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