Recommended Book:"Shifting Worlds Changing Minds" 
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 Recommended Book:"Shifting Worlds Changing Minds"

I'm currently reading the book "Shifting Worlds, Changing Minds" by
Jeremy W. Hayward published by New Science Library An Imprint of
Shambala Publications, Inc. Horticultural Hall, 300 Massechusetts
Avenue, Boston, Massechussetts 02115 dated 1987.

New Science Library presents traditional topics from a modern
perspectice, particularly those associated with the hard sciences -
physics, biology, and medicine - and those of the human sciences -
psychology, sociolgy, and philosophy.

The aim of this series is the enrichment of both the scientific and
spiritual view of the world through their mutual dialogue and exchange.
End quote.

This book discusses man's perception of reality through science and
humanities and how objective any thoughts really are, whether ego exists
or not, duality, versus unity, objects, processes, an in-depth
evaluation of how the mind processes input from our senses, the need to
study subjective experience, and much more.

He indicates that a revolution in thinking more important than
relativity or quantum theory is occurring.

This book demands a whole new perspective on science, religion,
psychology, etc.

I feel that if a large number of people on this network were to read
this book it could drastically alter the content and perspective of all
discussions between the religious and scientific communities represented
here.  Dogmatic people from either side of the issue will not like what
they read here, however for me it is altering and unifying my view of
the universe from perspectives I had never even dreamed of.



Tue, 22 Jun 1993 03:29:34 GMT
 Recommended Book:"Shifting Worlds Changing Minds"

Fri, 19 Jun 1992 00:00:00 GMT
 Recommended Book:"Shifting Worlds Changing Minds"

I have been reading a book on quantem reality over the Yule holiday, and
came up with a simple question that I'm sure someone here can answer.

My question is this:

If an object is approaching me from one direction at .9c, and another
object is approaching me from the opposite direction at .9c, it would
seem to me that relative to the first object, the second object would
be moving at 1.8c. Since nothing can move faster than c, this is thus
impossible, yes? But if that is the case, then it would follow that from
my initial position neither of those two objects could be approaching
me at a greater combined speed than c. This does not appear to work.
What gives?


Tue, 22 Jun 1993 05:05:10 GMT
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