Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 
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 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Can anyone tell me about carpal tunnel syndrome?  I know it's been
discussed here before, but since it didn't affect me at the time,
I didn't pay too much attention.

E-mail me symptoms and treatment, if you'd be so kind.

My symptoms: twitching thumb, numbness, pain in wrist where thumb
meets the joint.  I do type as well as write for most of the day
(while sitting on my butt, UGH!).  Condition seems worst at night--
kept me up for hours last night and actually woke up from the thumb
movement the day before.

I have an appointment with my HMO doctor, but would like to know
more about this condition.

                        Another Friend of Bill's

Mon, 20 Jul 1992 22:25:33 GMT
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