Information on manic depression 
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 Information on manic depression

Your Goldberg Mood Scales appear to be potentially useful. I do, however,
have a number of questions:

1)      What constitute significantly high or low scores on these scales?
Are there any norms or normative data?

2)      Is there any information available about the reliability or
validity of these scales?

3)      Is there any data comparing these to other instruments (BDI,
Hamilton, etc.)?


Thu, 07 Aug 1997 12:07:51 GMT
 Information on manic depression
 -=> Quoting Ivan Goldberg to All <=-


 IG> If you score high on either
 IG> or both of these scales and suspect that you are depressed, and/or
 IG> manic, arrange for an immediate psychiatric evaluation.

I don't see anywhere in this a definition of what a high score
is.  How many points constitutes a high, medium, and low score?

What is the definition of clinical depression?

Would a person with mononucleosis meet the definition of clinical

Can your mood scales distinguish between a person with mono and
one with clinical depression?  Thank you in advance for all

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Thu, 07 Aug 1997 14:44:40 GMT
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