Gastroparesis fr dopamine RI vs agonist? 
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 Gastroparesis fr dopamine RI vs agonist?

1. Gastroparesis may be caused by dopamine agonists (and may be
treated with dopamine antagonists). Given this, could it also be
caused by dopamine reuptake inhibitors? In other words, with respect
to gastroparesis and in terms of dopamine receptors' role in stomach
function, is there any significant difference between increased
dopamine receptor activity due to greater dopamine levels caused by a
dopamine reuptake inhibitor, and increased dopamine receptor activity
caused by a dopamine agonist?

2. I can not find, on PubMed or elsewhere, any research on Venlafaxine
hydrochloride (Effexor), a weak dopamine reuptake inhibitor, causing
or not causing gastroparesis. Does anyone know of any studies?

3. Does anyone have any anecdotal field experience in which Effexor
caused or contributed to gastroparesis?


Santa Cruz, CA

Sun, 17 Jan 2010 09:58:58 GMT
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