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I'm *so* glad that you posted your Biological Alchemy discussion.  I've
been compared to the famous Robert McElwaine by some readers of Sci. Med.
I didn't know how to respond since I had not seen one of your posts(just
like I haven't read "The Yeast Connection").

Let me just start by stating that the authors of the "Cold Fusion" papers of
recent years are now in scientific exile(I believe that one has actually
left the country).  Scientific fraud is rare.  I'm still not sure that if a
review of the research notes of the "cold fusion scientists" actually
proved fraud or just very shoddy experimentation.

Your sources do not seem to be research articles.  They are more like lay
texts designed to pique human interest in a subject area(just like the">food
combining and life extension texts).  Robert, I try to keep an open mind.
But some things I just can't buy(one is taking SOD orally to prevent
oxidative damage in the body).

Your experiment, if conducted by readers of this news group, would prove
that you are right(more ash after seed sprouting than before).  Unless you
use a muffle furnance and obtain a very high temperature(above 600 degrees
I believe), you will get organic residue in the ash.  Even the residue in
commercial incinerators contains organic residue.  I remember doing this
kind of experiment in my organic chemistry couurse in College but I
couldn't find a temperature for mineral ash formation so I'm really
guessing at 600 degrees F, it may actually be much higher.  The point is
that no one in their home could ever get a high enough temperature to
produce *only* a mineral ash.  They also could not measure the minerals so
they could only weigh the ash and find out that you appear to be correct.

Chemical reactions abound in our body, in our atmosphere, in our water and
in our soil.  Are these fusion reactions?  Yes many of them do involve
fusing oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur to both organics and inorganics.  Do we
really have the transformation of silicone to calcium if carbon is fused with
silicon?  Not in my book Robert.

Silicon is the most abundant mineral on our planet.  I've seen speculation
that man could have evolved to be a silicon based rather than a carbon
based life-form.  I like reading science fiction, as many people do.  But I
know enough about biochemistry(and nutrition) to be able(in most cases) to
separate the fiction from the fact.

Silicon may be one of the trace elements that turns out to be essential in
humans.  We have several grams of the stuff in our body.  What's it doing
there?  Only the Lord knows right now.  But I will tell you what I do know
about silicon and why, as you state, it helps bone healing(and it is not
because silicon is transformed into calcium).

Almost all of the silicon in the human body is found in the connective
tissue(collagen and elastin).  There have been studies published which show
that the very high silicon content in elastin may be an important protective
factor against atherosclerosis(the higher the silicon content in elastin,
the more resistant the elastin is to a an age-related loss of elasticity
which may play a role in the increase in {*filter*} pressure that is often seen as
part of the ageing process in humans).

For bone fracture healing, the first step is a collagen matrix into which
calcium and phosphate are pumped by osteoblasts.  A high level of silicon
in the diet seems to speed up this matrix formation.  This first step in the
bone healing process seems to be the hardest for some people to get going.
Electriacl currents have been used in an attempt to get the matrix forming
cells oriented in the right direction so that the matrix can be formed in
the gap(or gaps) between the ends of the broken bone.  A vitamin C deficiency
(by slowing collagen formation as well as causing the prodcution of
defective collagen) does slow down both bone and wound healing.  Zinc is also
another big player in bone and wound healing.  And so is silicon(in an  
undetermined role that most likely involes matrix formation and not
transformation of silicon to calcium).  For you to take this bone healing
observation and use it as proof that silicon is transformed into
calcium is an interesting little trick.

But Robert, I have the same problem myself when I read the lay press(and
yes even some scientific papers).  Is the explanation reasonable?  Without
a very good science knowledge base, you and most readers of this news group
are flying blind(you have to take it on faith because you don't know any

If the explanation seems to make sense to me based on my knowledge base,
I'm inclined to consider it(this usually means trying to find other sources
that come to the same conclusion).  If the idea(like a candida bloom) seems
to make sense to me, I tend to pursue it as long as any advice that I'm
going to give isn't going to really mess somebody up.  If this makes us
kindred souls Robert, then I guess I'll have to live with that label.

For the physicians who have decided to read my response to Robert's
interesting post, I hope that you saw the segment on the pediatric
neurosurgeon last night on U.S. TV.  I can't remember the network or his
name(like many nights, I was on my computer and my wife was watching TV in
our Den where I have my computer setup).  This neurosurgeon takes kids with
brain tumors that everyone else has given up on and he uses"unconventional"
treatments(his own words).  He says that he has a 70% success rate.  The one
case that I heard him discussing would normally use radiation(conventional
treatment).  He was going to go in and cut.  You guys complain about the
cost of the anti-fungals.  What do you think the cost difference between
radiation treatment and surgery is guys?

I'm going to ask you guys one more time, why blast a physician who takes the
chronic sinus sufferer(like Jon) and the chronic GI sufferer(like Elaine)
and tries to help them using unconventional treatments?  Treatments which
do not result in death(like those that the neurosurgeon uses?).  Is it
because candida blooms are not life-threatening while brain tumors are?
How about quality of life guys?  May the candida demon never cross your
sinus cavity or gut(if it does, you may feel differently about the issue).

Marty B.

Wed, 18 Oct 1995 01:11:15 GMT
 Robert's Biological Alchemy


>left the country).  Scientific fraud is rare.  I'm still not sure that if a

I don't think it is that rare.  Read the book "Betrayers of the Truth".
There are just as many psychopaths in science as anywhere else, and
most scientists implicitly trust each other.  Every paper should be
read with some skepticism.  The emphasis on "publish or perish"
and the weight of the bibliography when it comes to promotion
in academia leads many into temptation.  I'm not saying "Cold Fusion"
was scientific fraud.  The perpetrators there were just careless.
Obviously, if it was a fraud they were total fools, since such an
process was bound to be uncovered in something as important as that.
Most scientific fraud comes in areas where the perpetrator doesn't
think others will try to duplicate the experiments, and so they are
more mundane.  Many of the ones who are caught are caught because
they came up with an important result which attracted a lot of interest.
Those who want to be fraudulent and are smart about it will stick
to obscure fields and results that aren't that significant, and publish
in obscure journals.

Gordon Banks  N3JXP      | "Skepticism is the chastity of the intellect, and


Fri, 20 Oct 1995 21:59:33 GMT
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