Muscle Spasm? 
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 Muscle Spasm?

Hi Daniel, what be happenin?

On 07-Feb-95, Daniel Norton was overheard whispering to All

 DN> Periodically, usually while sleeping, my calf muscles in one leg
 DN> (either one) will start contracting. Problem is, they don't stop. It
 DN> keeps contracting and hurts *A LOT*. After about a minute of this
 DN> contraction it relaxes and then twitches slightly for a few minutes
 DN> afterwards. Once I tried contracting the calf during one of these
 DN> twitches and the contraction locked up again. I never did that again.
 DN> :)

Sometimes it could be a calcium deficiency, magnesium deficiency,
overuse during the day or vascular spasm.  If it does occur, STRETCH
the muscle by extending your heel.  This will help relieve the
spasm.  You can try rubbing on the calf some analgesic balm before bedtime
(increases {*filter*} flow) or try some quinine sulfate (available at the
drug store which will improve circulation).

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Sat, 02 Aug 1997 23:35:37 GMT
 Muscle Spasm?
Muscle cramps at nite can be a symtom of several disorders, I would suspe t by
far though is an electrolyte imbalance. Have you been hydrating yourself after
heavy muscular exertion?
Try a commercial electrolyte like a 50% solutiojn of Gatoraide and H20...
See if that helps....Just a wild hunch... Are you athletic?

Sun, 03 Aug 1997 05:26:27 GMT
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