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 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Jq>I remember reading an article in MacWorld that tells about some ailment of
Jq>the hand that renderes it all but useless. It was somthing like 'Cropals'
Jq>Tunnel Syndrome' or such, and it was obtained by excessive typing.
Jq>My hand is acting weird for some reason and I was wondering if anybody
Jq>had any info or at least the symptoms?  (I just put together a solid-oak
Jq>desk consisting of 80000 screws,maybe that's my problem..)

You seem to be referring to "CARPAL Tunnel Syndrome; (C.T.S.).
Carpal (wrist), T.S. is a condition in which a small tunnel-like nerve
sheath at the wrist (in which many nerves pass) becomes compressed, pressing
on the many nerves. This may result in pain and/or dysfunction of
(usually the wrist, hand) causing a temporary or permanent condition known
as carpal tunnel syndrome. It is generally somewhat refractory to treatment,
but can be helped by the use of a special brace. Diagnosis usually requires a
Neurologist to differentiate between C.T.S. and other problems that may
present themselves as pain/dysfunction similar to C.T.S..

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 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

 SR> However, I too have the same problem.  Starting about 5 or 6
 SR> years ago when I got my first mac I began to have more and more
 SR> difficulty holding a pencil or pen when writing.  My wrist has
 SR> an increasing tendancy to pull my hand up, back towards my arm.
 SR>  It gets pretty painfull trying to counter- act this and I
 SR>  always end up with tremendously cramped hands after writing
 SR>  for more than a minute or two.


   I had one wrist operated on last December with 100% relief and will have
the other one done as soon as I can find a doctor to cover my office for

   Your symptoms are not typical of a run-of-the-mill carpal tunnel syndrome,
but it is a syndrome which has many faces.  The more typical sympomology
includes a shooting pain running up the arm which wakes one up in the middle
of the night and numbness of the hand which does not effect the little finger
and may be mild to profound.

   CTS is a repetitive motion disorder which is only recently beginnng to
effect computer users.  In the past it was most likely to occur in factory
workers who performed the same task over and over again, day in and day out,
for many years (which it is more common in the right wrist/hand).  In my
case, my left hand was affected first because the most frequently used
keys are under the left fingers (for a touch typist).

   My recomendation is that you consult an orthopedic surgeon.  The surgery
(Carpal Tunnel Release) is quick, simple, and effective (in most cases).
The wrist brace is only effective as long as you are wearing it.  Steroid
shots into the sheath which covers the median nerve are a good stop-gap
measure to use until the surgery can be scheduled, but cannot be done
repeatedly due to adverse side effects associated with repeated injections.

   Ask your family physician to recommend a good HAND SURGEON.  You're always
better off having a surgery performed by somebody who frequently does the
procedure you need.  Although any orthopod should be able to do a CT release,
the hand surgeon should be able to do it well and leave a smaller scar.  My
scar is only 1.25" long and is limited to the palm of my hand.  I've seen
scars which were in excess of 6 inches!  Yes, my orthopod specializes in
hand surgery.


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