Seeking info on retinal detachment 
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 Seeking info on retinal detachment

I am quite near sighted.

I've recently received laser treatment for both eyes to seal
holes in the retinas to help prevent retinal detachment. In my
left eye a small detachment had begun already and apparently the
laser was used to "weld" this back in place as well.

My right eye seems fine. In my left eye I was seeing occasional
flashes of bright light prior to the treatment. Since the
treatment (two weeks) these flashes are now occuring more often
- several each hour.

The opthamologist explained the flashes are caused because the
vitreous body has attached to the retina and is pulling on it. He
says this is not treatable and he hopes it may go away on its own
accord - if it tugs enough I may well face retinal detachment.

I am seeking (via additional info on retinal detachments.
The Dr. did not wish to spend much time with me in explanations
so I appreciate any further details anyone can provide. Of most
interest to me:

If my retina does detach what should be my immediate course
of action?

If conventional surgery is need to repair the detachment what is
the procedure like and what kind of vision can I expect

Do the symptoms (fairly frequent flashes) imply that detachment
maybe near at hand or is this not necessarily cause for alarm.

Many thanks

Bill Wilder, Computer Systems Manager
Kentville Research Station
Agriculture Canada
Kentville, Nova Scotia

Wed, 18 Oct 1995 02:54:45 GMT
 Seeking info on retinal detachment
I had a retinal detachment in my left eye at the age of 8, and one
in my right eye at the age of 23.  My left eye is now blind because
treatments were not widely available in the '60s.  I have a scleral
buckle in my right eye, and later had cryosurgery to seal small
tears in the retina.  The laser surgery that you had seems to have
served the same purpose.  In my good eye, I see flashes frequently
also, and have gotten used to it.  As you age, the vitreous humor
(jelly-like fluid inside the eye) shrinks, and eventually  completely
detaches from the retina.  In so doing, flashing lights are seen because
of mechanical tugging of the retina.  I am now 40 years old, and this
process is nearly complete, with the vitreous attached in only a few
places.  The white flashing lights have almost completely stopped.  My
doctor tells me that the cryosurgery completley sealed the periphery of
my retina, minimizing the chance of anothere detachment.

Hope this helps.....

Mon, 30 Oct 1995 02:03:53 GMT
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