Dolphin and Crop Circles 
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 Dolphin and Crop Circles

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Circles Phenomenon Research is hosting a research expedition to swim
and interact with tame and wild dolphin off the Florida Keys and in
the northern Bahamas.  Dates are April 27 through May 6, 1996.
Directors of the expedition are Colin and Synthia Andrews, Masahiro
Kahata, and David Ison.

Dolphin and crop circles have at least one common characteristic -
sound.  This extended workshop at sea is an exploration of sound:
sound as communication; sound as a healing agent; sound as an
instrument of transformation.  The expedition will be examining two
particular sounds:  a two-tone noise which was recorded inside of a
crop circle; and music created from the harmonic ratios encoded in
many crop circles.  The crop circle sound seemingly emanated from
within a circle in the vicinity of Cheesefoot Head in England.  It is
5.2 kilohertz in frequency and reveals a bipolar quality very similar
to a dolphins sonar.  Many people hearing this sound report a variety
of responses such as altered states of mind, heightened awareness,
extreme emotions, a kinesthetic experience of energy and / or
cessation of physical ailments, memory of {*filter*} or UFO
interaction, and a pervasive sense of familiarity.  Many people who
have witnessed a UFO also report hearing a similar sound.  In fact,
CSETI has reported success with extra terrestrial contact while
projecting this sound into the nightsky during meditation.  They
report that in one experiment the sound was returned issuing forth
from lights in the sky.  One objective with the dolphin is to
determine whether the sound holds any special intrigue for them.

The members of the expedition will act as participants engaging as
subjects in the research.  There will essentially be two phases.  The
first will be to interact with the dolphin through the medium of sound
playing via underwater hydrophone.  The second phase of the project
will be to measure the effects of these recordings on human

There will be ample time to swim with the dolphin, lay in the sun, and
attend lectures given by David, Colin, and Synthia.  Lecture topics
will highlight the architecture of music, sound healing and
transformation, the emotional and energetic components of health and
sound experiences in the crop circles.

Synthia Ramsby-Andrews is well known as a researcher practitioner in
healing and consciousness including first degree Reiki and hands on
healing.  She will lead us in focused meditation and in exploring
healing interaction with mutual exchange between dolphin and human

Colin Andrews is considered to be the foremost authority on the crop
circles phenomenon and will
supervise the underwater playing of the cropcircles sounds for the
purpose of calling the wild dolphin.  He will also share experiences
of mind-links in relation to crop circles.

Colin and Synthia are very e{*filter*}d to bring two exceptional people to
the professional research team, Masahiro Kahata and David Ison.

Masahiro Kahata has developed the most advanced brain monitoring
system presently available, the IBVA.  He has used this equipment to
study psychic phenomenon with experts around the world.  He will
monitor brainwaves of the participants under different sound
conditions, correlating brainstates with effects of crop circle sound
and music.

David Ison is an extraordinarily gifted visionary and creator of
therapeutic sound technologies.  His work combines the physical,
emotional, energetic, and spiritual components of health in a
sound-based matrix.  He is the founder of TheraSound and has created
and developed psychoacoustic therapy and vibrotactile delivery
systems.  These systems have been studied by the National Institute of
Health and are being used in alternative and traditional medicine.  

For more information or to join as a participant call Joyce Murphy at
Beyond Boundaries 1-800-259-8747 or e-mail at address:

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