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"A courageous doctor and the Gulf War syndrome"

"Atmosphere and air"

        **Two "special" issues of Blazing Tattles offered
               free to the electronic community.**

The "Gulf War syndrome" is hot off the press.  It is absolutely
*must* reading for anyone interested in their own health and that
of their loved ones; in the scientific logic of medical research or
in the industry of medicine: in {*filter*} {*filter*}; in government, the
FDA, and the torte reform act; in the CIA's "black budget;" or in
the military, chemical, food, and drug industries.  It is a
*unique*, *absolutely astonishing*, verbatim interview with Alan S.
Levin, M.D., of San Francisco, who treated Gulf War veterans for
the Gulf War syndrome.  Levin is an Immunologist, Pathologist, and
Dermatologist, on the faculty of UCSF, and author of very numerous
medical articles.  It's Blazing Tattles 24.  All rights reserved.

"Atmosphere and air," forthcoming, will cover many topics of
interest to lay persons and professionals alike.  It will include
information gleaned from interviews with people who were on the
program of the winter meeting of The American Geophysical Union;
research on air from the American Lung Association, and much, much
more of interest concerning your weather, your environment, and
your health.  It's Blazing Tattles 25.  All rights reserved.

For US residents, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope with 52
cents postage, to Blazing Tattles, P.O. Box 620037, Redwood City,
CA 94061-0037.  Indicate which issue you desire or send two
envelopes and receive them both.

include your surface mail address.

Thank you very much.

Claire W. Gilbert, Ph.D.
Blazing Tattles

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Tue, 11 Jun 1996 12:22:52 GMT
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