"Gastric reflux" 
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 "Gastric reflux"

   I had been having some feelings like I was short of breath whenever
there was contact with my chest or upper back.  I went to a doctor who
diagnosed it as gastric reflux (and held me over in the hospital for treatment
of acute hypertension; they released me when they had got it "waaaaay down to
   Shortly thereafter, I ran my car into a parked car; with the windowshade
type of shoulder harness, I imagine my chest hit the steering column at about
30 MPH.  Two days later, in pain, I went to E/R and after a look at the
x-rays, the doctor there diagnosed the pain (after conferring with the other
doctor) as gastric reflux.
   Anyone care to comment?  (BTW, when the BP came down, the feelings
of shortness of breath went away.  Also, I wasn't short of breath, just felt
like it; I could do jumping jacks with no trouble when this came on, it even
helped a bit.)

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Wed, 22 Sep 1993 09:14:24 GMT
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