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 IBOGAINE: Newspaper story


>For what Lotsof said he discovered in 1962 is a drug that treats {*filter*}ion. He
>said that ibogaine erased his dependency on {*filter*} and {*filter*} without the
>agony of withdrawal-- a claim endorsed by other {*filter*}s who have tried it.
>"Ibogaine kind of knocks you on your butt, which is good because you can't go
>out and get {*filter*}," said Dana Beal, a former Yippie and smoke-in organizer, who
>has become the drug's leading promoter. "By the time the ibogaine wears off,
>you don't have any craving."
>dependency and are leery of its hallucinogenic properties, Lotsof and his
>followers argue that the drug's psychoactive nature is an essential part of its
>healing power. The "visions"-- Lotsof denies they are hallucinations-- help
>{*filter*}s deal with the underlying behavi{*filter*}problems that cause their

Lots of (Lotsof?) text deleted.

Is there any significant difference to LSD - less dangers of bad trips
or something?

How about nitrous oxide?  In Finland some doctors make hefty bucks by
offering nitrous oxide treatment - the ads don't say what it is for
(and apparently there's no diagnosis/recipe requirements and anyone
with money will do - I hear some business types go there to cure
hangovers and such) but in the media the doctors have been marketing
it as curing {*filter*} {*filter*}ion.


Fri, 31 Mar 1995 20:48:28 GMT
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