Xochi Stack 1.0 (MDMA/LSD/XOCHIPILLI) 
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 Xochi Stack 1.0 (MDMA/LSD/XOCHIPILLI)


Xochi Stack 1.0 is a HyperCard stack on the psychedelics that runs
on the Macintosh computer. Profiled in this educational stack are
MDMA and LSD, as well as an Aztec deity devoted to traditional
sacred plants of Mexico.  You can find a copy of the stack, in five
pieces, in <comp.binaries.mac>. Feel free to copy the software for
friends, put on FTP sites, BBSs, et cetera, but you do not have the
right to sell copies of this copyrighted material. If you can help
put the stack out there, on FTP sites or whatever, please contact us!
A version for Windows is in the works...

Xochi Stack 1.0 is a public service message from LordNose!, and
(c) 1992 LordNose! Donations of 400K diskettes greatly appreciated.

We're not advocating illegal drug use, just giving some factual
grounding to the population that already uses these compounds and
to counter some of the poisonous propaganda out there.  Most of the
information circulating is erroneous, emphasizing either the simple
hedonistic aspects of particular substances, or warning of the
ominous consequences of their use.

 GUARDIAN OF TRUE LIBERTY." -- James Madison, 4th US President

Mon, 27 Mar 1995 21:51:34 GMT
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