AZT resistance 
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 AZT resistance

>My friends who do volunteer work with PWA's (Reiki energy work,
>rebirthing, that sort of thing) tell me that the advice from the
>community support groups is *not* to take AZT, on the grounds that it
>suppresses the immune system.  In lieu of any reliable cure, PWA's who
>are taking an active role in their health and well being focus on
>anything and everything that might enhance their immune response and
>improve their general well being, and to avoid whatever appears to work
>against that.

Andrea, I am *not* flaming you here.  But when I see this, it is so very
demoralizing.  You've got well-meaning quacks foisting voodoo magic on
these folks.  It's one thing to wax on "energy" and "rebirthing" and
"visualization" when the person is getting competent medical care at the
same time, but to take an active role in discouraging people to not take
AZT and other {*filter*} is tantamount to cutting their life short.  Better
demonstrated than any other therapy, conventional OR voodoo, is the
life-prolonging actions of AZT.

This bit about AZT "suppressing their immune system" is just so much hogwash,
spoken by people whose understanding of the immune system isn't much more
than those two words.  In a person diagnosed with AIDS, AZT slows or reverses
the primary immune deficit.  This is not to say that the drug can't be toxic,
but it's ultimately less toxic for most individuals than the alternative--
namely, no AZT at all.

Steve Dyer

Thu, 17 Sep 1992 15:42:00 GMT
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