Info on Hodgkins disease requested 
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 Info on Hodgkins disease requested

Hodgkins Disease is a form of cancer called a Lymphoma, it begins in a lymph  
node, and may spread from there to any other lymph node or spleen, liver, or  
bone marrow.  This is a highly treatable tumor with survival rates for  
localized disease of approximately 80% in children and young {*filter*}s.  It had  
two peak age groups, late {*filter*}s to about 30, and then again in the mid-50's.  
It is treated with chemotherapy and radiation therapy or sometimes only one or  
the other depending on the extent of the tumor.

I always encourage people with questions about a particular form of cancer to  
call the National Cancer Institute's patient information line (1-800-4-CANCER)  
for more detailed information.  They will help you with your questions.  Your  
tax-dollars pay their bills so you may as well get some use from them.  You  
should also contact the local chapter of the American Cancer Society.  They  
will help you with information and can be of great help in dealing with this  

Finally, if you have questions about your girlfriend's disease, ask her  
Oncologist...If you don't get enough information, and I can help you with  
specific questions, drop me a line.

One last thing, this tumor isn't contagious, you can't catch it.
Stick it out with your girlfriend.  She's going to need you very much in the  
coming months.

Hope I have helped, let us know how things go...

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Wed, 19 May 1993 08:04:00 GMT
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