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 Plastic Surgery website --

If you are considering Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery, please refer to The
Body Electric website at http://www.***.com/  Aesthetic Surgery can
enhance one's looks and help one have more self-confidence.

I would like to refer you to, the premier Plastic/Cosmetic
Surgery patient information and surgeon referral website.  We are the
original Plastic Surgery website having been online for over two years. receives over 13,000,000 hits/year.  What distinguishes from other Plastic Surgery websites is that we have 1)
extensive medical informatics explaining the surgical procedures, 2)
estimates of the costs of the surgery, 3) a geographic physician locator
to help patients find a surgeon in their local community, 4) a very
extensive patient outcome photodatabase (over 400 patient photos) to help
the public visualize the possible results from Plastic Surgery.  Each of
these outcome photos is linked to the surgeon's webpage who performed the
procedure.  Thus, this precedent setting feature empowers patients to be
able to select their Plastic Surgeon based upon photo-outcomes!

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