Handling Psychosis And Compulsions - A Definition Of Psychosis - Definition Of Compulsion - (full copy) 
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 Handling Psychosis And Compulsions - A Definition Of Psychosis - Definition Of Compulsion - (full copy)

Handling Psychosis And Compulsions
- A Definition Of Psychosis - Definition Of Compulsion

'                                                  15 September 2002

You see, we are only interested in definitions that help people,
that work, that you can do something with, and that's why these
definitions are rather more correct.

[defining psychosis]
So a person suffering from a psychosis we have now defined, as
someone who follows too many compulsions (lies) thrown (Footnote
(1)) at him (or at her) that make him think and act very
irrationally - he acts very irrationally because he does not
classify these (projected(1) lies) as illusions(2) which another
wants him to accept as delusions(2) and which the source of it
intends him to accept and justify: He should make the delusions
given to him, seem so, to himself and others, AS IF these are his
own thoughts and feelings and goals, and which the source indeed
intends him to act upon AS IF these are his own thoughts and his
own intentions and his own feelings and his own decisions.
The resulting behavior is highly irrational, meaning contrary to
his own and natural goals and interests. We are not talking about
a criminal mind here, but about a victim of criminal minds.

[restoring denied respect for what someone really is]
The state is usually temporary and often conditional to certain
circumstances, or to being with certain people who may be connected
to, or who may themselves be, individuals that want to destroy
him: Refusing to respect what and who he (as a spirit) is;
forcefully denying who and what kind of person or soul he or she
is; forcefully denying good and trustworthy friends; enforcing very
destructive individuals, or themselves, to be his "real and caring

[discovering the force of the illusion]
Finding out who throws(1) (or threw) or enforces the delusion (the
lies) - or finding more than one person throwing it and enforcing
it, finding out WHO? - turns the delusion back into an illusion
(into now recognized lies) which then can of course more easily be
rejected: "It's just an illusion projected at me by another - an
illusion to make me think and feel it is me who generates it - but
it does not belong to me!"

He assigns it back to where it came from, and so he gets in control
of it. But he could not control it as long as he thought (and was
told, too) that it was "his own."

[definition of compulsion]
A compulsion is then indeed defined as an action that is determined
by another onto the victim, and caused by another by means of
enforcement of illusions (lies) that are (or have in his past been)
accepted by or enforced onto the victim who suffers from the
compulsion, enforced as delusions (as undetected lies).
This is how the victim has no ability to get rid of the compulsion,
and only has the ability to not give in to it when he feels it. And
that indeed defines the word 'compulsion' by its behavior.

But if he finds out who forced (in his past) or forces (now still
or again) the compulsion and delusion onto him, and if he finds out
how the enforcement is done, then he will get actually rid of it.

[handling compulsions]
This knowledge will probably solve many compulsions of any nature and
on any subject, that a person wants to get rid of. And on the way,
he might want to get rid of more compulsions too.

[harmful compulsions]
Ultimately, intentions to take {*filter*} are compulsions to not face
Hate or Ugliness or Disorder,(4) and can be approached then in this
way too.

[compulsions to commit suicide]
It also solves compulsions to commit suicide that are caused by
delusions projected and enforced by individuals who want the victim
dead and who want him, by projecting the delusion at him, to
justify, to believe and to feel that suicide is "the way to go."

[compelled not to face the thrower of the delusion]
Many victims will not want to look at who throws the delusions at
them. That's part of the delusion, to make the person who throws it
not looked at, not detected, lest the delusion would lose its
influence. So it's part of any delusion.

It's all so simple to figure out once you know the basics.

Part of the delusion is always to hide the source, and to make the
victim not want to or "not have to" look for it, and to make him
comply with the force exerted by the delusion, so that he will
supply an endless variety of very intelligent and socially very
accepted "reasons" of "how it is his own intentions and his own
decisions," INSTEAD OF looking for the source. He keeps you asking
endlessly and he always has the "right" but not the correct answers.

[keeping on to and relaying delusions]
And some people will want the delusions more than anything else.
They want to stay dominated, controlled, cowered, and 'eat' (feel
alive) whenever someone throws them, or they can steal, a morsel of
bread (some Aliveness). Your efforts are used by them to be able to
better hide and keep onto the delusions they want to keep. And they
WANT to keep destructive, hateful people as friends, because these
provide the delusions for them whenever they want to have them.
They also enforce delusions on others, like drug {*filter*}s that try
to get others on {*filter*} too.

[facing the real world]
You will have to face, look at, feel or see the individuals who do
these kind of things to people, and you will have to not Hate(5)
these individuals when you find out about them, so that they - their
request and demand that you Hate(5) -  will not cloud your vision
and your Love for people and your composure.

[grateful people]
So if you want to save lives or want to have people be very grateful
to you - be my guest.

Koos Nolst Trenite "Cause Trinity"
human rights philosopher and poet

(1) Footnote:
"Mechanics Of Awareness, Perception, Memory And Forgetfulness"
' of 13 September 2002

(2) Footnote:
A very precise description of how they project 'Delusions' and of
what a 'Delusion' is, is given in

'Mozart Remedying Spiritual {*filter*} - Fine Particle Physics
'    - Beauty and Awareness' (20 August 2002)

(3) Footnote:
The Nature of War and Friendship (24 Sept 1998)

(4) Footnote:
'Defining Love and Hate - a Law of Life (Definition)' of 29 July 2002
http://www.***.com/ %40p...

(5) Footnote
- A Poem of Love and Adventure (17 July 2002)
http://www.***.com/ %40p...

Copyright 2002 by Koos Nolst Trenite- human rights philosopher
and poet
This is 'learnware' - it may not be altered, and it is free for
anyone who learns from it, and (or, if he can't learn from it)
who passes it on unaltered, and with this message included, to
others who might be able to learn from it.
None of my writings may be used, ever, to support any political
or religious agenda, but only to educate and encourage people to
judge undominated and for themselves about any organizations or
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