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A reader asked a while back about amyloidosis. As a first year medical
student, I can't claim expertise, but it gives me an excuse to consult
wonderful Harrison's Internal Medicine from which the following
information is garnered. Hope it's helpful. Any more info or corrections
would be appreciated.

"Amyloidosis may be defined as the extracellular depositon of the fibrous
protein 'amyloid' in one or more sites of the body." The cells of the
secrete proteins into the intercellular space. Under normal conditions,
protein help hold the cells together and provide other purposes. For some
reason, cells start producing a protein (really proteins) called amyloid
It is not known why cells do this. Genetics plays a role in some types.
Infection may trigger onset. Other diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis
multiple myeloma can induce the disease.

The severity of the disease depend on the location and the amount of
amyloid produced. Amyloidosis, or the accumulation of amyloid protein,
occur in practically any organ or organs with varying severity:

*       kidney
*       liver
*       heart
*       skin
*       gastrointestinal tract
*       nervous system
*       endocrine organs
*       joints
*       respiratory system
*       {*filter*} forming bone marrow.

Unfortunately, the prognosis is poor. I quote again:

"Generalized amyloidosis is usually a slowly progressive disease that
leads to
death in several years, but it may have a better probnosis than was
in the past... The major cause of death are heart disease and renal

Sudden death, presumably due to arrhythmias, is common...

A variety of abents have been used to treat amyloidosis. Proof of their
is not available...  Recent trials have indicated that prednisone (a
mephalan or prednisone/mephalan/colchicine has been shown to prolong


*** Robert McLean, PhD., M.D.2 B. ***

Sun, 12 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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