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                   Peace and Justice for All
                                                Aron Kay

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The Ibogaine Story - The Cure for drug addicition is at hand -- CHAPTER
 2:    Howard  Lotsof

  In March of 1955 Eisenhower's special assistant for Cold War Planning,
Nelson Rockefeller, was briefed by Allen Dulles on all Covert CIA
operations.  The old Psychological Strategy Board of the National
Security Council had been rechristened the Operations Coordinating Board,
designed to shield the President from direct knowledge of CIA "crown
jewels" including Operation Bluebird and MK-Ultra, notorious for dosing
unsuspecting Army guinea pigs with psychedelics. The CIA was looking for,
among other things, a substance that could be put in the water supply or
sprayed in an aerosol over Moscow, which would cause loyal Soviet
citi-zens to wake up in the morning as loyal Americans. You'd win without
firing a shot. Unfortunately, they could never figure out a reliable
delivery system, and they never found the right substance.

  In 1955, as part of MK Ultra  or Bluebird, Dr. Harris Isbell  of the
Federal Narcotic Hospital at Lexington, Kentucky, did try doses of up to
250 milligrams on eight, black, ex-morphine {*filter*}s. The catch was that
they'd been clean for six months, and 250 milligrams is a sub-therapeutic
dose, so the interruption of an active {*filter*}ion wouldn't have occurred.
Isbell was investigating the potential of indole-alkalamines to "mimic"
psychosis--according to the"psycho-mimetic" model of the time. We know
all this because in the'80s CIBA-GIEGY released to Howard a letter (See
left)   from Isbell requesting the drug for thir{*filter*} more subjects. And
because one of CIBA's own.researchers,  named Schneider, discovered in
1956 that ibogaine potentiates morphine analgesia (Ibogaine multiplies
the painkilling effect of opiates), it is fairly certain Isbell checked
it out further. Since Isbell was also looking for an {*filter*}ion cure, and
experimented with all different psychoactive agents in all different dose
regimens, both during and after withdrawal from morphine, the next
logical step would have been to try to wean active {*filter*}s off opiates by
substituting progressively more Ibogaine for their usual dose of {*filter*}.
And if he used a threshold dose, 6 mill.-per-kg., he would have started
observing the Lotsof effect.

  Did the CIA or Defense Department discover Ibogaine's ability to
interrupt {*filter*}ion? They "refuse to confirm or deny" that any file
exists (even CIBA-GIEGY's reply to Isbell, not only  in the face of
Lotsof's Freedom of Information requests, but even to NIDA researchers.
New evidence has surfaced, however, that the {*filter*}ion Research Center at
Lexington, Kentucky continued to be on the CIA payroll from 1957 to
1962--the years it would have taken them to check out Ibogaine and its
probable impact. The record of payments (See exhibit on facing page and
page 14, plus pgs.  16, 18 for CIA Office Codes and Abbreviations)   with
entries panning 1953 to 1961 (years during which Isbell was ARC director
of research) came into our hands from one such frustrated source, minus
any additional discriptions of the disbur{*filter*}ts or results of
experiments carried out.

 If they did discover it, they didn't follow it up, In Africa, the ritual
use of the plant of which Ibogaine is the principal alkaloid, Tabernanthe
 iboga,   forms the basis of a religion called Bwiti.  Bwiti is the only
native religion that has successfully resisted the inroads of Islam and
Christianity. By giving the initiate access to a universal African
ancestor (the Bwiti), it unified the Gabonese Independence movement of
the '50s.

Read the Ibogaine Book On-Line at:

and visit The Ibogaine Dossier at:

and Paul DeRienzo's "Let 'em Talk" website at:
http://www.***.com/ ~wbai/derienzo/index.html

                   Peace and Justice for All
                                                Aron Kay

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