6 weeks Post Inguinal hernia repair - PAIN still presemt 
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 6 weeks Post Inguinal hernia repair - PAIN still presemt

Hello, I researched the group and found some great info here is my

I am 43 yr old male, good shape, exercise and good diet.  Developed
small grape sized bulge in right side of Pubic area.  Had Laparoscopic
Mesh repair with staples on 12/12/05.

Went back to my desk job in a week, then back to walking, etc after 2
weeks. Developed pain in Hernia area, from slight to moderate as the
day progressed.  Standing or sitting brought the pain on, laying down
eliminated it.  Also while standing bracing right leg up on a bench or
step would help.  It is now 1/20/06 and Surgeon has had me on a month
of 400mg Alleve twice a day.  That took care of the pain, but if I miss
a dose, or skip a day, pain is right back just as before.

I am concerned over this complication, and wonder if I should wait
longer, or explore my options with my surgeon.  So far his advice has
been to keep taking alleve and wait.  I am concerned there is a problem
and would like any information or options I can get.

Could there be a muscle pull, or a staple attached to deep or taunt?

Thanks in advance,


Wed, 09 Jul 2008 12:50:56 GMT
 6 weeks Post Inguinal hernia repair - PAIN still presemt
Anyone else have similar issue?


Fri, 11 Jul 2008 01:16:48 GMT
 6 weeks Post Inguinal hernia repair - PAIN still presemt

> Anyone else have similar issue?

I've seen it before, but it's outside the norm - especially for a
laparoscopic repair.

Your ongoing pain could be due to many things, and without complete history
and physical exam and a review of the surgeon's operative report, it would
all be sheer speculation.

Look up "preperitoneal hematoma" and "osteitis pubis", see if those
descriptions ring any bells. The latter in particular can occasionally
happen from anchoring the mesh to Cooper's ligament and the pubic tubercle.


Fri, 11 Jul 2008 02:22:03 GMT
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