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 GBC> You can mailorder all the "important" books and literature on
 GBC> biomagnetic therapy from:

The use of magnets as potential form of medical intervention has been
long since disproven, most recently by Dr. Greenstein, M.D., Department
of Neurology, at Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA. Dr. Greenstein
was investigating (1990-91) the potential for the relief of
irratractable pain. Their study concluded that while magnetic fields do
have some effect on biomolecules, they have NO THERAPEUTIC potential,
and DO NOT CAUSE HARM. A footnote: Magnets should never be placed near
cardiac pace-makers and some other devices (as they would shut the unit
off), but are being used to turn some implants on, or to switch some
devices into alternate program modes.
An example (still in clinical trials) is the NCP device, used to
stop seizures in refractory epilepsy, and a device used (investigational use)
in the treatment of depression.
These devices do not use common magnets, the magnetic is used to alter
the program mode of the computer in the devices.
The magnet has no theraputic value per se.

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 TF> I was wondering.  Can anyone out there tell me
 TF> exactly how magnetic therapy
 TF> is supposed to work and how successful is it for
 TF> treatment?  My father uses

 TF> else has heard of cases like this. Also, I know in
 TF> Japan it has been medically
 TF> approved for over 30 years.  If this product is all
 TF> its cracked up to be why
 TF> is it not as popular here as in Japan?

I  think that I can answer that rather well.

1) During 1990-91 Dr. A. Greenstien, M.D., PhD, Chief of Neurology at
Temple University Hospital conducted a study involving the potential
therapeutic use of pulsed electromagnetics applied dorsally over the cervical
spine for irretractable pain. His study concluded that while
magnets do affect biomolecules, they are OF NO THERAPEUTIC VALUE, nor
do they cause harm. See Knowles, et. al, MAGNETIC RESONANCE OF BIOMOLECULES,
Wiley Press, and see also Cohen, Ed., NONINVASIVE PROBES
OF TISSUE METABOLISM, Wiley-Interscience

2) What happens in Japan insofar as medical research IMHO, debatable,
for they do not have a mechanism as does the US for medical {*filter*}/devices.
Essentially, it is a if you claim it and patent it is is on the market, to be
tested, or whatever,

3) Magnets are a favorite snake-oil device, so beware of claims or
testimonials or 'proof'.

4) Magnets ARE being used in medicine, however to control medical implants
(such as pace makers), in diagnostic imaging systems, and'
in research (to target {*filter*} to specific sites), but that is still

5) Magnets per se have no therapeutic value (although they have been used
in a few occasions to remove a pin that a child has swallowed, or the like).


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