?s for Chem Lab Technicians (career) 
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 ?s for Chem Lab Technicians (career)

    Hello, my name is Bill Middleton, I'm a sophomore at Milpitas High
School in California.  Our class is evaluating various chemistry
related careers. My assignment is to interview Chemistry Lab
Technicians.  I haven't had success meeting Chemistry Lab Technicians
in my area, few people are at work during the holidays.  Please email

My dad says I should summarize and post the responses? Do you think I

The following are things which I would like to know:



Job Title:

Place of Employment:

Salary range:

What kind of companies would employ a Chem Lab Technician?:

Training background or education level requirement(s):

What reason(s) led you to this career?:

What is the potential for growth?:

Work environment:

Describe typical duties:

Do you enjoy your work (pros/cons):

Interesting anecdotes/experiences:

Would you reccomend your proffesion to High School students searching
for a career?

Thu, 18 Jun 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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