Big-Time Nosebleeds For No Particular Reason 
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 Big-Time Nosebleeds For No Particular Reason

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> they don't want you around.  No one's told my dad anything
> hopeful at all; just, if it starts bleeding really bad again,
> come back in.  In the meantime, he's scared to death and afraid
> to go anywhere other than stay home because he needs to be near a
> phone in case the heavy bleeding starts again.
> Has anyone else ever heard of anything as bizarre as these
> spontaneous nosebleeds, or had it happen to them?  Was the cause
> ever found?  What was it?  How does my dad deal with this?  He's
> seriously afraid that one of these nosebleeds will decide not to
> stop and he'll bleed to death.  What on earth is going on here?

I suggest you guys take your dad to an ENT specialist (Ear Nose and Throat).

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Wed, 23 Oct 1996 21:02:40 GMT
 Big-Time Nosebleeds For No Particular Reason
Hi Stephen,

 SL> My 65-year old dad was just in the hospital for nosebleeding.  
 SL> About 5 days ago, totally out of the blue, his nose just started
 SL> bleeding for no particular reason.  He lost a lot of {*filter*}; so
 SL> much, in fact, that we took him to the emergency room.  It was

 SL> Doctors examined his nose and could not find the source of
 SL> bleeding.  Over the next several days, his nose bled heavily
 SL> again 3 to 5 times each day, including a few times while
 SL> sleeping.  Again, the doctors could not find the source of the
 SL> bleeding.

 SL> He's never had nosebleed problems before, nor does he have any
 SL> allergies, nor did he have any trauma to the nose.  So this is a

        I assume that the hospital has checked your father's {*filter*} pressure,
{*filter*} clotting time (PT, INR), {*filter*} cells and count, infections, etc. and
he was healthy at the time?

        If so, has he been on a low-cal, low-fat, weight-reducing diet? If he
has, he may be deficient in Vitamins A and C.

        Another possibility is polyps in the nasal cavities. He would need
an ENT to check that.

        Further, do you have electric or gas heating for the house? If so,
he may simply have dried-up mucous membranes which split and bleed. He can
apply a nasal lubricant called Secaris (in Canada). Vaseline is not
recommended because it flattens the nose hairs which filter out dirt and
other particles from the air he inhales.

        Vitamins A & C are essential for maintaining the integrity of mucous
membrane linings.

Fri, 25 Oct 1996 08:23:12 GMT
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