4 yr old with Toxic Synovitis 
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 4 yr old with Toxic Synovitis

We're in the middle of a very strange experience with our four year
old daughter.  I'd appreciate hearing from anyone with a medical
perspective on this, or from parents who have had similar experiences.

Yesterday morning, my four year old daughter started complaining her
right leg hurt.  A few minutes later, she was completely unable to walk.
She did not have a fall, bump her leg, or injure it in any way.
She remained unable to walk, and a little uncomfortable (no crying),
for about four hours.  Then, she said she felt better, and started
running laps around the house in her normal fashion.

One hour later, the same thing again - her leg hurt and she couldn't walk.
It's now the following afternoon, and she's still about the same (can't
walk but not too uncomfortable as long as she doesn't move her leg).

We've spent the day seeing her pediatrician and an orthopedist.
Both think it's probably toxic synovitis, an inflammation in the
membrane (?) in her right hip.  They did some {*filter*} tests and x-rays.
Everything looks normal except her Sedrate (?) is elevated to 41.
She also has an ear infection (a mild one), which they said could be
the cause of the elevated Sedrate (but her white count was normal).  
She does not have a fever.  They're sure her hip isn't septic (the major
concern initially).

Because of the elevated Sedrate, they want to do a bone scan tomorrow.
This has us pretty nervous!  The orthopedist gave us a prescription for
chl{*filter*}hydrate to put her to sleep, but the hospital said they don't
use it.  Anyone know the pros and cons?  They said they would have to give
her an injection (of the radioactive material) and wait three hours for
it to reach her bones.  Are 4 year olds usually put to sleep for this type
of test?

Any thoughts on the cause of the elevated Sedrate, or any other aspects
of her condition, would be greatly appreciated!  Of course, all sorts
of horrible possibilities keep occurring to me...that recent episode
of ER where the kid with the broken leg had bone cancer doesn't help!



Sat, 02 Aug 1997 05:44:18 GMT
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