Kidney/blood problem in 5-year-old (need info) 
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 Kidney/blood problem in 5-year-old (need info)

I found out a couple weeks ago that my 5-YO nephew is
in the hospital with some kind of kidney and/or {*filter*} problem.
Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get a very good idea from my
in-laws what the problem really is (assuming the doctors know), so I
thought someone(s) out here might have some idea.  Here's what I know:

A while ago (maybe as long ago as Christmas) he began getting very
listless.  Later, he began getting very pale.  About three weeks ago
he began vomiting, and his mother took him to the doctor (I don't know
if this was the first time).  The doctor did a {*filter*} test and found
that his red count was very low.  Since then, he's been hospitalized,
had four transfusions (they're about to do a fifth), and on dialysis.
My mother-in-law said they did an ultrasound, and, in her words, the
insides of his kidneys were very rough.  She also said they attributed
the problem to a virus.

Is anyone familiar with anything like this?  If someone could even
attach a generic name to the condition so I could look it up, it would
help.  Is it relatively common?  Is it caused by a specific virus, or
is it a complication that might come up after any infection?

I would really appreciate any information anyone has.  Thanks.
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Sun, 28 Aug 1994 02:00:28 GMT
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