Request for information on diet and kidney problems 
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 Request for information on diet and kidney problems


If this subject has been raised recently, I appologize for raising it again
-- I have not been following lately (please note: I posted the same
article to

I am looking for some information on diets low in protein and phosphorus for
insulin dependent diabetics.  Such diets are reported to be useful in
reducing kidney damage and the possibility of developing renal failure.

In particular, I am looking for information on

        (1) whether certain types of proteins are better than others (say,
            due to the differences in their amino acid content)

        (2) an exchange list which might detail the amount of protein
            that is safe to eat from meats, fish, diary and plant products
            (like tofu).

        (3) the importance of balancing protein and phosphorus

        (4) what foods to avoid due to their high phosphorus content

summary of the responses I get.



Wed, 15 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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