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 liver, tetracycline

While in my {*filter*}s I had bad acne.  My doctor at that time handed me a
months supply of tetracycline whenever I asked for it.  I asked for it
whenever I ran out.  It was truly wonderful because it worked, at
least while I kept using it.  I ended up using it on and off for more
than 6 years.

When I was in my twenties - I still had acne problems - I developed
increasingly yellow skin and eyes and a doctor had me tested for liver
problems.  My bilirubin was found to be twice normal levels.  I had no
precipitating illness and no previous history of jaundice.  They were
unable to say why I had this.  In any case they were not very
concerned about it, possibly because as they told me, it couldn't be
corrected, and it wasn't life threatening.  A liver specialist
suggested that he could do a biopsy, but that it wouldn't tell him
anything - so why did he mention it?.  Two of the doctor's suggestions
were that I had Gilbert's disease, or a latent liver problem that took
twenty years to manifest itself.  This last suggestion seemed a little
unlikely and the former was only a name which doesn't tell me much.

My bilirubin was monitored over the years and remained stable at twice
normal levels.  Recently the level was a little higher, which seemed
to concern my doctor a little, but not enough to pursue it.  I would
like to ask a few questions.

Should I be concerned about this slight increase?

What subtle things does this do to the body besides causing a yellow
discolouration of skin and eyes?  I am now 43 years old.

Are there new tests that could tell me anymore about this.  Is there
any treatment for this?

Is it possible that taking tetracycline daily for years may have
caused this?

Fri, 23 Aug 1996 12:57:14 GMT
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