Damaged finger-joints in golfer's left hand 
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 Damaged finger-joints in golfer's left hand

Thanks for responses from several golfers one of which suggested that
it is caused by stretching of the joints during the golf swing. I'm
still convinced it may be damage from jarring (hitting golf mats and
hard ground) or more worryingly the onset of arthritis or a similar
disease. Apart from stopping playing (I can't bear this thought!) how
can I establish the actual cause? What ointment etc could I rub in? I
am trying Traxam (active ingredient Felbinac 3%) but it seems to have
little effect.
I'm trying to reduce the strength of my grip on this hand and using a
leather glove and am hoping the problem will reduce by these measures.

Michael Clements
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Sun, 05 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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