Kidney Information? 
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 Kidney Information?

I've been searching through the Net for information on kidney disease
scenarios but have only been able to locate details concerning major
failure (ESRD - End Stage Renal Disease).  Plenty of fine data on
transplants and dialysis.  What I need, though, is information about potential
beginning stage renal disease.  Any good places to look?

For the first time ever my doctor called me back after a routine physical
wanting to investigate marginally out-of-bounds {*filter*} and urine numbers.
I'm apparently not fully "homeostatic". After several extended tests over
a period of weeks, he tells me that my renal "filtration index" is 85
(should be 100 - 150) and that he is concerned over a consistently high
creatanine level. He points out that this is a noticeable change from all my
past physicals.  He is puzzled in that I am an otherwise "textbook"
sample with low {*filter*} pressure, low body fat, good flexibilty, no smoking,
lots of exercise, etc., plus no hereditary markers. One too many McDonald's
hamburgers?  Who knows.  

He said he has no idea why this should be happening and has ordered an
ultrasound to make sure the kidneys are more or less there.  This is to
be followed up with periodic {*filter*} and urine tests to detect any further

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Fri, 20 Feb 1998 03:00:00 GMT
 Kidney Information?
I don't think there are good sites to learn about early kidney disease.  
You need a diagnosis from your local physician, then you will be able to
find out more.  However the resources listed below may be useful to you.

Hope this helps.  All the best. - Kim Newsgroup

End Stage Renal Disease Patient Forum on RENALNET (You probably have
already found RENALNET, the URL for WWW access to the forum is:
< http://www.***.com/ ;.)

Other specific disease resources on the World Wide Web:


title: E coli

keys: uremic hemolytic syndrome

excerpt: E coli Like your burgers on the raw side? E. coli may give you
a raw deal: death. By Joel
R. Cooper, The Medical Reporter (C)1995, Joel R. Cooper All rights
reserved If you think you
can only get E. coli 0157:H7 (Escherichia coli) from undercooked
hamburger meat served in
restaurants, think again. The infection, which causes diarrhea (often
{*filter*}y) and abdominal
cramps and sometimes even acute kidney failure resulting from hemolytic
uremic syndrome
(HUS), has also been traced to home-prepared hamburgers. Roast beef,


Lois Joy Galler Foundation for the hemolytic uremic syndrome


Lupus Nephritis


IgA Nephropathy

Fri, 20 Feb 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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