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CID> Choice in Dying distributes advance directives (living wills, health care
CID> proxies, durable power of attorney documents) upon request.

And if you live in New York State, you need them.  NOW.  You never
know if, God forbid, you are about to become permanently
incapacitated.  Your relatives will have to sign consents for
everything from your{*filter*} to your gastrostomy, but when it comes to
withholding or withdrawing life-prolonging medical treatments, they
may have no say whatsoever.  Neither will your doctor.  Even if you
are vegetative with zero chance of recovery.  Even if your hopeless
treatments are bankrupting your family (ask Jean Elbaum's

CID> If you would like a package of advance directive documents mailed to you
CID> or have a question about the rights of dying patients you may email
CID> requests and questions to:

Is there some way that these documents could be made available over
the Internet in electronic form?
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Sat, 26 Aug 1995 05:43:00 GMT
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