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N(>  The role of the autonomic system in airways disease is very interesting.
N(>  My recollection is that the sympathetic nervous system (as in sympathetic
N(>  nerves ending on pulmonary tissue not beta 2 receptors) plays a minor
N(>  role compared to parasymp nerves.  In any event, we can do 2 things to
N(>  pursue this interesting topic:
N(>  [...]
N(>  Finally, once we sort out whether sympathetic nerves arising from spinal
N(>  ganglia play a role in airway tone, we still have no clue as to whether
N(>  chiropractic can affect this, right? We'd still have to do Nye's
N(>  experiment.
N(>  Cooooool.  Real science in the chiro thread!
 While you're at it Gordon, would you explain why stimulating some
 acupuncture points lateral to T-3 (among others) can either improve
 or worsen an asthma patient - without claiming the "P" effect?

 Some examples:  An {*filter*} who had been suffering from asthma since
 early childhood gets immediate relief by either electro-acupuncture,
 or - get this - from getting a hug in a certain way by her husband
 which, after an audible crack in her upper back, stops her from
 wheezing from a few hours to a day or two.

 An analysis of a young asthmatic girl indicates a T-3 alignment
 problem.  Since acupuncture doesn't always work in those cases and
 since she lives a considerable distance away, I suggest one or two
 chiropractic adjustments instead, back in her own city.
 She is asthma-free for several weeks after the first adjustment,
 and has been for over two years now after the second adjustment.

 A male {*filter*}, suffering from asthma since childhood is using more
 than twice the safe, recommended dosage of inhalers to get through
 the day.  He has a chemical analysis and takes a few supplements
 I recommend to correct his mineral pattern and within a few weeks
 he is waterskiing without the need of any inhalers whatsoever.

 There are several "non-mainstream" methods that can be used to
 successfully treat many cases of asthma, not to mention the odd
 incidence where correcting a dental problem results in an instant
 asthma cure (the teeth that can affect respiratory functions are
 #s 14, 15, 24, 25, 36, 37, 46, 47 according to R. Voll MD).

 You and David may have good motives to promote your (scientific?)
 type of medicine - it's your bread and butter - but don't expect
 everyone else to buy into your dubious claims that your methods
 are superior and always the right and proper ones.  Obviously the
 growing interest in complementary medicine is telling you that its
 treatments can be effective, or else that somehow its practitioners
 know how to apply the placebo effect more effectively than you :(

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Thu, 20 Feb 1997 06:16:55 GMT
 DC/ Asthma/Bronchial
ronroth returns.

> While you're at it Gordon, would you explain why stimulating some
> acupuncture points lateral to T-3 (among others) can either improve
> or worsen an asthma patient - without claiming the "P" effect?

Gee, ron, I will, just as soon as you publish your findings somewhere I
can read and understand your techniques, patient population, outcomes,
everything else people have been asking you about here on sci.med for
over 2 years.

Let's see 1 year ago you had experience with, I think, 10,000 patients,
it must be up to like 20,000 by now.  Quite a case series.

I know JAMA won't publish it cause of the {*filter*} and all.  

While you're at it you can explain what intracellular ion activity is and
how much you charge to measure it.

Good to have you back though.

Grant, this is ron, ron Grant.


Thu, 20 Feb 1997 07:00:46 GMT
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