"Restless Leg Syndrome" ... Info please ... 
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 "Restless Leg Syndrome" ... Info please ...

I'm posting this for a friend who does not have access.  Has anyone ever
heard of this "Restless leg syndrome" problem?  The symptoms are spasms
anywhere along either leg, that cause involuntary jerks and twitches.
My friend is currently taking very small doses of Doxepin and Zoloft every
day, to control headaches.  The leg problem has gotten worse over the last
few weeks, and another doctor has suggested that these medications may be
responsible.  There is no pain, but the twitching is very uncomfortable.

My friend is looking for information such as what causes this, and how to
control it.  My friend will be visiting the headache doctor again in a few
weeks and plans to mention this, but any info from the net would be greatly


Sat, 09 Dec 1995 03:33:51 GMT
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