Thoracic outlet syndrome/carpal tunnel 
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 Thoracic outlet syndrome/carpal tunnel

I just wanted to send a post re: these diseases.  I was diagnosed with
these repetitive stress disorders 2 years ago and have been struggling
with getting it under control ever since.  I have been going to a
chiropractor for the past 2 months who really has me going through an
excellent rehab program. I have been to other chiros where they would
get me out of pain, but I still felt I needed some strengthening. With
the adjustments, exercises, stretches, and trigger point/ROM exercises
generally I feel 90% better and stronger.  If anyone lives in the
Silicon Valley area and is looking for a chiropractor send me an e-mail
and I can refer you to him.

Lisa Huffman
Palmer Chiropractic College of the West

Sun, 16 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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