Magnets to help back pain? 
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 Magnets to help back pain?


A friend tells me that his aunt has suffered for several years from
chronic back pain.  She has recently begun seeing a new physician
(not, according to my friend, a chiropracter) who has begun a new

Basically his treatment consists of strapping several moderately
potent magnets to her back.  She claims this treatment has helped her.

My question is has anyone else heard of this treatment?  If so, what
is the reasoning behind it?

Any information or pointers would be appreciated.


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Sat, 08 May 1993 05:23:08 GMT
 Magnets to help back pain?
Here's a guess.  The weight of the magnets cause her posture to shift
slightly to a better position, and she stays more comfortable.
Alternatively, it causes her to sit differently, as there's something
between her back and a chair's back support, with the same effect.  As a
third hypothesis, the weight of the magnets constantly subtly reminds
her of her back problem, and she subconsciously improves her posture.
Why a magnet?  To get her to strap it on and to distract her from the
way in which it has an effect.


Sun, 09 May 1993 03:45:47 GMT
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