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With a behind the scenes view, it is obvious that the
public is literally "conditioned" with an automatic
response with what has probably been a continuous
process of reverse media and other types of propaganda
to automatically reject any complaint in which a victim
claims to be "hearing voices".    They are conditioned to
perceive this as a "classic" pathological symptom (with a
"classic" description--which has made its way into
"classic" textbooks) which could not possibly have any
foundation in fact.  This is your "textbook" symptom, in
other words.  This response is so pervasive that, from
behind the scenes, from the vantage point of knowing
about the capability to produce microwave hearing effects
which has been in existence for almost, if not in excess of,
thirty years (carefully concealed from public knowledge
except for one or two books and press releases), the whole
thing savors of a carefully orchestrated public relations
{*filter*}.  How common were those cases of  victims
reporting "hearing voices"?   What percentage were
merely the result of a hallucinogen or genuine aberration,
and what percentage reflects this now sinister appearing
scheme to influence the minds of members of the populace
from behind the scenes with the new technology?  What is
the extent of the {*filter*} on the part of segments of the
psychiatric profession?  How many of them were witting?  
I have personally documented to my own satisfaction the
existence of brain control technology for 26 solid years,
along with the {*filter*} to hide it.  I have kept journals
on this phenomenon for that length of time--saved
newsclippings and books hoping to find vindication for
what I now know to be fact.  The public is conditioned like
Pavlov's dog to automatically reject the possibility of such
a thing actually existing, and this poses a maximal danger
to society as it falls prey to a very sinister scheme to
control it from behind the scenes.  The reasons
government and the media would engage in the scheme of
concealment is partly the use of force which is intrinsic in
the brain control itself--the ability to neutralize thought,
literally, with electronic disruption.  Also, the powers that
be are aware of the dangers of said technology, which are
admittedly considerable, should it fall into enemy hands.  
However, the abuse I have experienced at the mercy of
some of these operators indicate that the technology is
already in some very wrong hands, determined to stop at
nothing in their efforts to control society, respecting NO
laws, such as those supposedly sacrosanct ones
protecting individual privacy and freedom of speech.

 The closest I have ever seen to a public revelation of what
this technology can do was a 1976 Associated
Press  newspaper release (printed in the Cleveland Plain
Dealer November 22, 1976, p. 9-A) entitled
"Mind-bending Soviet radio waves reported".   Now that
was over two decades ago, and the stuff is still secret,
which frightens me (with regard to possible inroads
against privacy which may have been achieved since
then).  Part of the text of that release follows:

       "A newly declassified U.S. Defense Intelligence
Agency report says extensive Soviet research into
microwaves might lead to methods of causing disoriented
human behavior, nerve disorders or even heart attacks.
          'Soviet scientists are fully aware of the biological
effects of low-level microwave radiation which might
have offensive weapons application', says the report....
          The Pentagon agency's report, distributed within
the government last March, said one biological effect
that could offer antipersonnel uses is the phenomenon
known as 'microwave hearing'.
          'Sounds and possibly even words  which appear to
be originating (within the head) can be induced by
signal modulation at very low average power densities',
the study said....
          The report was compiled by Ronald L. Adams of the
Army surgeon general's office and Dr. R.A. Williams of
Batelle Laboratories, Columbus [Ohio]."

 Although microwaves could be utilized, the penetrability
of the signal (capable of being received in subterranean
places like the transit entranceway beneath Cleveland's
Terminal Tower complex and certainly not blockable by
anything so flimsy as a few sheets of tinfoil) leads me
personally to suspect the use of high-energy  ( thus
ionizing) radiation--something more like an X-ray.   I am,
however, no expert on these things.

 One of the very earliest publications dealing with the
Soviet interest in the phenomenon was  PSYCHIC
Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder, which first came out May,
1970 (Prentice-Hall).    Since then, the technology has
found its way to other countries--most notably our own.

Even earlier than this (written up in LIFE magazine in
September, 1962) there were rumors that the neurophone
invented by G. Patrick Flanagan in the United States
(author of the book PYRAMID POWER, 1973, De Vorss &
Co.) could effect a telepathic transfer (but this machine
was not wireless).

There is flagrant censorship and denial by government and
mainstream news-media.  Fear of proliferation and subsequent
increases in abuse are probable rationales.  I wish that
restriction of this technology to proper and safe hands
would make disclosure unnecessary.  If complaint to
authorities brought a reasonable resolution of the problem,
instead of what looks from here like either gross indefinite
neglect or unforgivable collusion, it would not be
necessary.  However, as things are, the price of silence is
extremes of abuse barely imaginable, against which no
steps are ever taken.  Silence is for victims suicidal, as
things stand.  Society at large is in grave danger.  It is
galling that someone could undergo over 25 years of
torture and human rights abuses in the United States of
America, which touts itself all the time as the freest
country in the world, yet there is barely a whisper of the
situation anywhere.  The crime would have been
solved long ago had there been any degree of  publicity.
The secrecy keeps it going.

  Let's hope that Usenet and the web will continue to be
forums for cases of injustice.  Their stability are too
tenuous for comfort.  Lately I have been reading the book
(although with difficulty under these arduous
circumstances)(and it is also recommended to all of you):  
STORIES.   The new 1998 edition has just come out, but I
have been unable to get ahold of that as yet.  Censored is
published yearly by journalism students and faculty at
Sonoma State University in California (Project Censored)
(Project director  Peter Phillips, publisher Seven Stories
Press, NY, NY).


Maple Heights, Ohio (suburb of Cleveland)

Mon, 15 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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